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Census Data

Posted on August 3, 2018

I recently came across a tabulation of census data for Kitsap and Jefferson Counties. I find it interesting to know how our counties compare to the rest of the country in things like income and housing costs.


One statistic I find especially interesting is that, while both counties are thought of as rural, as of 2010 Kitsap County had a population density of 635 people per square mile (people/sq. mi.) compared to Jefferson County which had only 16.6 people/sq. mi. Two counties that are usually thought as primarily urban, Snohomish and Pierce counties, had densities of 341 people/sq. mi. and 476 people/sq. mi. respectively.  The national average is 87 people/sq. mi.


To learn more fun facts to know, click on the two links below to go to the Census Bureauís web site.
Kitsap County:,US/PST045217


Jefferson County:,US/PST045217

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